We have a student that will not graduate until later in the year and cannot start residency until then. Are they still eligible for the match?

If a student will graduate the same year as the match, e.g. a 2021 graduate is applying to the 2021 Match, they will be allowed to remain in the match.
If the applicant’s date of graduation changes to a different year than the match year, they will be withdrawn from the match, e.g. a 2022 graduate would be withdrawn from the 2021 Match.

However, the date of graduation must be clearly indicated if it is beyond July 1st of the match year. This is to ensure that programs are aware and can determine if they will accept the applicant or not.

The date of graduation must be modified in CaRMS Online, to be viewable by programs. It would be beneficial for applicants to also mention this in a note to programs or via another route to ensure they do not run into any issues post-matching.


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