Potential update requests and timeline for notifying CaRMS

CaRMS strives to respond to our clients' changing needs. The chart below lists potential update requests and the timeline for notifying CaRMS of a change in order for it to have the opportunity to be implemented for a match. Reach out to us at help@carms.ca if you have any questions.

What do you need? How CaRMS can help When should CaRMS be notified?
Our program/faculty wants changes to the information requested within the application completed by applicants. The CaRMS Online Application Review Committee for Postgraduate Residency Training is responsible for reviewing and recommending improvements to the CaRMS Online application completed by applicants. Want to have a say in the application review process? Contact us and we’ll connect you with a representative who can ensure your views are heard. 12 months before the start of the match period**
Our program/faculty requires applicants to provide a specific document, can it be added to CaRMS Online? Please reach out to us if there is a document type you would like added, modified or deleted from the CaRMS Online application. 12 months before the start of the match period**
Our program/faculty requires changes to the CaRMS Online faculty portal (e.g. the addition of a global filter). Please reach out to us if you have any recommendations for updates to the faculty portal in CaRMS Online. 12 months before the start of the match period**
Our faculty needs to add a new discipline or program to a current match, or is considering a new match. We are available to help manage changes to current matches (including adding disciplines or programs), program application rules or even discuss bringing in new matches. 12 months before the start of the match period**
Our province's eligibility criteria has changed (e.g. MCC exams). We want to make sure our clients have accurate information leading up to a match, and understand that eligibility changes happen. Criteria that isn't built in to our system can be changed quite quickly, however criteria that is used to filter or register applicants requires time to develop and test. 3-12 months before the start of the match period**
Our program eligibility has changed and we can now only consider a certain subset of applicants (e.g. those that have been pre-assessed). Let us know if something has changed at your faculty or in your province in how you assess applicants. We can ensure your program has the correct stream and that only the identified applicants can apply. 6 months before the applicable match opens*
We require non-aggregate application and/or match data. Any organization/research group not part of the Application and Matching Program requires a data sharing agreement with CaRMS and express applicant consent for us to share applicant data. 30 days before the applicable match opens*

*Applicable match opens: is defined as when applicants are able to login and participate.
**Match Period: The ten (10) month period commencing on July 1 of each year.


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