Who is eligible to apply to an MOTP Surge program?

The Canadian Forces Health Services will not be holding an MOTP Surge for the 2024 R-1 Main Residency Match.

In order to be eligible to a program in the MOTP Surge, you must:

  1. Be a Canadian citizen (not a permanent resident);
  2. Have obtained your medical degree. Note that if you have obtained your medical education from a non-Canadian university, you are required to review the provincial criteria of the province where an MOTP Surge program is available on carms.ca to ensure you have written and passed the required MCC examinations and language examinations;
  3. Not be currently enrolled in a post-graduate program. The MOTP Surge is not a mechanism for transferring residency programs;
  4. Submit the MOTP Surge checklist form and assign the document to all participating programs. 
  5. All applicants matched to a residency program will be required to screen successfully for enrolment in the CAF prior to entering a residency program. To successfully screen for enrolment in the CAF, the applicant must pass a medical assessment, interview, and security/background checks;
  6. If you are an International Medical Graduate matched to a Family Medicine program at any of the universities within Ontario, you must complete the pre-residency program for Family Medicine at your own expense and undergo an Assessment Verification Period (AVP). More information can be found here.

*information is subject to change*


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