Our faculty has unfilled MOTP/MMTP position(s) from the first iteration of the match, what do I need to do to participate MOTP Surge?

The Canadian Forces Health Services will not be holding an MOTP Surge for the 2024 R-1 Main Residency Match.

If your faculty has unfilled MOTP/MMTP position(s) from the first iteration of the match and would like to participate in the MOTP Surge, your PGME office must log into their CaRMS Online account, under Quota Management page, and add position(s) to the MOTP Surge competitive stream program. 

Once your PGME office has added quota to this program, you must: 

  1. Review your program description, under the Program Description section of CaRMS Online to ensure that it includes eligibility information for both CMG and IMG applicants, as both applicant types are eligible to apply to the MOTP Surge.

    If you did not have a competitive stream in first iteration (i.e. CMG only or IMG only streams) we have copied your CMG Family Medicine program description from the same location to make it easier to review and add IMG specific information where needed.

    If you had a competitive stream in the first iteration of the match, we have copied over this description as it includes both CMG and IMG eligibility criteria.

  2. Add an additional required document type under ''Supporting Documents'' in ''Other Documents'' as MOTP Surge Checklist. Once you have added this required document type, please include the following link: http://carms.ca/pdfs/MOTP-surge-checklist.pdf to ensure applicants complete this form and assign this completed document to your program. 

*information is subject to change*


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