Which documents received by CaRMS come directly from a third-party?

CaRMS receives some official documents directly from source. We do not alter documents as per our policy. When they are received, we upload them into the applicant's account.

Documents we receive directly from source are:

  • Medical School Transcripts and Medical School Performance Record (MSPR) for CMGs are received directly from Canadian registrar’s offices. We receive them electronically from each faculty. CMGs are able to upload their own medical school transcripts.
    Note: Although we may receive some medical transcripts and MSPRs directly from institutions for international medical students/graduates, as well as for United States medical students/graduates, these applicants have additional
    document submission methods. 
  • Medical Council of Canada transfers, through physiciansapply.ca, the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) examination and MCCQE part 1 and part 2 results into the applicant’s account at the applicant’s request.  
  • UBC’s IMG Clinical Assessment Program is transferred electronically from the University of British Columbia for all IMG’s who would like to apply to programs in British Columbia.  
  • Letters of reference are submitted online by the referee directly. Applicant’s do not have the ability to upload or submit letters of reference on behalf of their referee. 


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