What is included in the File Review Process of the program description?

Programs are asked to include information on how they select applicants for interview.  

These include: 

  1. Describe the composition of your review team (e.g. program director, program administrator, resident): 
  2. What is the average number of applications received by your program in the last five years? 
  3. On average, what percentage of your applicant pool is offered interviews? 
  4. Identify what you are evaluating within each of the file components listed below during file review. If a file component below is not considered, please insert “We do not evaluate this file component” into the criteria field. 
    1. CV 
    2. Electives 
    3. Examinations 
    4. Extra-curricular 
    5. Leadership skills 
    6. MSPRs 
    7. Personal letters 
    8. Reference documents 
    9. Research/publications 
    10. Transcripts 
    11. Other file component(s) 

 Programs will also be asked to include information regarding elective criteria and onsite elective consideration.  


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