What is included in the Interview Process of the program description?

Programs are asked to include the following information within their program descriptions regarding the interview process: 

  1. What format do you use to conduct your interviews? (Check as many as apply) 
    1. Traditional (one-on-one/two-on-one) 
    2. Panel 
    3. MMI or rotating station 
    4. Other 
  2. Identify what you are evaluating within each of the interview components listed below during an interview. If an interview component below is not considered, please insert “We do not evaluate this interview component” into the criteria field. 
    1. Collaboration skills 
    2. Collegiality 
    3. Communication skills 
    4. Health advocacy 
    5. Interest in the discipline 
    6. Interest in the program 
    7. Leadership skills 
    8. Professionalism 
    9. Scholarly activities 
    10. Other interview component(s) 


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