Where can I send reference documents once the match is open?

When CaRMS Online opens, you must create reference requests from within your account under the “My Documents-> Reference Requests” section.  

Once the referee receives the reference request, they must submit it using a CaRMS Online Referee account  

If you sent us an Early Letter of Reference prior to CaRMS Online opening, you must still create a reference request for it from within your account so that placeholder/coversheet is generatedPlease notify the CaRMS Document Centre at documents@carms.ca when it has been created so that your early letter of reference can be added to your profile. CaRMS cannot process an early letter of reference unless you inform us that you have created the placeholder/coversheet.  

If no placeholder/coversheet has been created, we will contact you via email. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to track which documents have been added to your profile from your “Document Tracking” section.  


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