How do I know I'm done assigning documents to my applications to programs?

In the "My Application->Applications to programs" section in your CaRMS Online account, you must:

  1. Select and add the programs you wish to apply to; and
  2. Assign all necessary documents to each program.

Once you've completed the steps above, under the "Document assignment status" column, there will be an icon indicating whether:

  • you've assigned all required documentsgreen_checkmark.jpg;
  • all required documents are assigned, but one or more optional documents are not assigned and/or assignment of required custom documents should be manually verified yellow_triangle.jpg. Having this icon will have no impact on your application;
  • one or more required documents are not assigned red_x.jpg.

If you see the green checkmark icon green_checkmark.jpg, then all required documents for that program application have been assigned. Ensure your application is submitted and if submitted, no further action is required for that application.


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