What is the naming convention required for documents uploaded to the CaRMS Online Undergraduate Portal?

Please note that documents uploaded to the CaRMS UG Portal are required to follow the below naming convention. Documents that do not follow the naming convention may be returned to you for renaming.  

Student with a middle name 

CONVENTION:  LastName_FirstName_MiddleName_DocTypeName_DocLanguage 


Smith_John_Colin_Medical transcript_e

Harris_Anna-Mae_Louise_Medical transcript_e 

Student with no middle name 

CONVENTION: LastName_FirstName_DocTypeName_DocLanguage 



Lamport_Mary-Ellis_Medical transcript_e

Student with only one name 

CONVENTION: Name_N-A_DocTypeName_DocLanguage  

EXAMPLE: Obugatu_N-A_Medical transcript_e 

Multiple students with the exact same name 

CONVENTION: LastName_FirstName_Student Number_DocTypeName_DocLanguage  

EXAMPLE: Jefferson_Darius_987654321_MSPR_e 

Document other than MSPR or Medical Transcript 

CONVENTION: Enter “Other” for the DocTypeName. 

EXAMPLE: Smith_John_Colin_Other_e 

Letter of Language Proficiency 

CONVENTION: Enter “Proficiency Letter” for the DocTypeName 

EXAMPLE: Smith_John_Colin_Proficiency Letter_e 

Class List 

CONVENTION: DocTypeName_SchoolName 

EXAMPLE: Class list_McMaster University 

Please ensure that the class list is in Excel format. 


  • Underscores must be used between segments. 
  • File names are not case sensitive.  
  • French accents must be included in the student’s name, if applicable. Accents are not required for the document type name. 
  • For students with a hyphenated first or last name, you can either enter a space between the name or use the hyphen (i.e Louis-Rene or Louis Rene). 


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