What happens if I am reported for a violation?

CaRMS investigates and takes steps to resolve all alleged violations, whether committed by applicants, postgraduate faculties or residency programs, or other match participants. If you are reported for a suspected violation, you can expect CaRMS to contact you (along with all other relevant individuals, institutions or organizations) to collect information pertaining to the suspected violation. You will receive written notification of the complaint and an invitation to provide your response, including your version of the incident in question.

Information collected through the investigation is used to prepare a preliminary report that is presented to the Violations Review Committee for review. You may also request a copy of this report. After reviewing all the relevant information, the Violations Review Committee will issue a final report outlining their decision and, if applicable, any resulting sanctions. You will receive a copy of this final report. If it is found that a violation did in fact occur, you will be expected to abide by the sanctions outlined in the report.

Appeals of Violations Review Committee final reports can be made only on the basis of discovery of new evidence and/or alleged serious misunderstandings of existing evidence. The appeals process is detailed in the Match Violations Policy.

For further information: https://www.carms.ca/mvp/


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