How was the Match Violations Policy developed?

CaRMS has had a Match Violations Policy in place since 2005, to enforce the obligations set out in match contracts. The policy has been reviewed and updated on an annual basis to make sure it keeps pace with the evolving nature of the match.

The newest iteration of the Match Violations Policy, put in place for the 2021 match cycle, is a complete refresh of the policy that was made possible through broad community collaboration. It was developed by a joint committee including representation from learner organizations (CFMS, FMEQ, RDoC and FMRQ), the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), and CaRMS, to ensure that those most directly affected by the match violations process had a direct role in shaping it. 

The new Match Violations Policy provides enhanced clarity around the violations process, including clear examples of what actions could constitute violations, as well as a range of possible sanctions and notifications in line with the severity of the offence. It also plainly lays out the reporting, review, and appeals process. 

The Match Violations Policy will continue to be administered by the CaRMS Violations Review committee and will be reviewed annually by the Joint CaRMS Match Violations Policy Committee. See the policy itself for detailed information on roles and responsibilities.

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