How to Create the Unranked Applicant Forms in Bulk

Only available to Quebec programs.

To create the Unranked Applicant Forms in bulk, from the Unranked applicant forms page, select the CREATE FORMS IN BULK button found on the left side of the page.


Selected, this button will open a new pop-up window where you will have to select both 1. the applicants and 2. the program(s)* that you wish to create this form for.

*NOTE: Only programs that that are listed for the user will appear in this list.

BulkEN2.jpgOnce you have selected both the applicants and program(s), select the CREATE FORMS button

This will bring you to the Create forms in bulk page. Here, you will need to select:

  1. Whether the applicants were selected for an interview or not.
  2. Reason(s) why the applicants were not ranked. You can specify or provide details for the reason in a box provided. NOTE: Any box with a red Asterix requires more details.
  3. Select the main reason why the applicants were not ranked. If only one reason was chosen in Step 2, the main reason will default to the selected reason.
  4. Add a checkmark whether the case was discussed by committee.

Once you have completed Steps 1 to 4, you can SAVE and SUBMIT the form. This change will be applied to all applicants that you had selected.

You will be able to view the STATUS of each form, whether saved or submitted, from the Unranked applicant form page.  

If you have a SAVED Unranked applicant form, you can SUBMIT it from the Unranked applicant forms main page.

To do so, select the check box for the applicant that you want to submit, and then select the SUBMIT FORM(S) button at the bottom left of the table.



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