How do I view the status of unranked applicant forms?

Only available to Quebec programs.

You can view the status of the unranked applicant forms in two ways:

  1. By selecting the program from the drop-down list, you will have access to the status of every unranked applicant and the status of their form.
  2. You can download an Excel copy of the Unranked applicant status report here:


The downloaded Excel file contains the following information:

  • Applicant 
  • CaRMS ID 
  • Type 
  • Program 
  • Status of the form 
  • Last updated 
  • Updated by 
  • Main reason 
  • Selected reason(s) 
  • Interview offer status 
  • Program Director 
  • Program Director’s email 
  • Program Administrator 
  • Program Administrator’s email 


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