How do I use one spreadsheet to update rank order lists for multiple program sites?

Programs with multiple training sites in the Match will often use a centralized approach when ranking their applicants. This means that applicants are assessed competitively, and then ranked at the program-level rather than at the site-level.


Program Site A applicants Program Site B applicants Final program-level rank list
Ryan Ryan 1. Jane
Sarah Sarah 2. Ryan
Peter Jane 3. Harper
Robin Robin 4. Peter
David Harper 5. Sarah

In this example, the program considers Jane the top applicant, followed by Ryan, then Harper, Peter and finally Sarah. As you can also see, the ranked applicants didn't apply to both program sites.

In prior years, programs would have to create two unique spreadsheets to apply to the individual program sites. The lists would look like this:

Program Site A rank list
1. Ryan
2. Peter
3. Sarah


Program Site B rank list
1. Jane
2. Ryan
3. Harper
4. Sarah

Programs would then have to upload each individual spreadsheet to each individual program site. However, using our new functionality will allow you to use one spreadsheet to complete this task, saving you both time and effort. There are two ways to do this, but in both instances you will need to be using a .CSV file. These are easily created from existing .XLS files if you are using option two.

Option 1: using the CaRMS integrated template

When going to the "Ranking -> Rank order list (ROL)" section, you will see all of your assigned programs and program sites listed. 

You first must identify which programs you would like to populate the integrated rank order list template, which you can do by clicking on each relevant program row.


At the bottom of this page, there is a DOWNLOAD INTEGRATED ROL TEMPLATE button. This button will allow you to download (export) a .CSV file which lists all candidates that have applied to the selected program.


Regardless of how many sites the applicants have applied to, they will only be listed once on the integrated spreadsheet. Assign each applicant their respective rank, and take no action nor delete the applicants from the file who you do not plan on ranking. Once you have finished the rank assignments, this integrated ROL template can be imported to any program.


To import the ROL template, click the program sites you wish to update followed by IMPORT INTEGRATED ROL, then re-import your file.


Option 2: using your own file

You are also able to use your own .CSV file if you already have been using a spreadsheet throughout the Match year. 

To use your own file, select the program sites you wish to update and select IMPORT INTEGRATED ROL button, then select your file. The document will just need to following formatting:

Column one (A): your ranking column, with the column header labelled Rank

Column two (B): a column with the CaRMS ID, with the column header labelled CaRMS ID

The system will ignore all other information in your file so long as these two columns are included and labelled properly.


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