Why does it say I'm not eligible to participate to a match?

When going to participate in a match — under the “My Application – Match participation” section — it is possible you will see a message indicating you are not eligible to participate in a match.

Possible reasons for this message:

  • Any match/iteration – you are currently participating in a match/iteration:
    e.g. if currently participating in R-1 First Iteration, you can’t participate to Second Iteration at the same time;
  • Any match/iteration – you matched in the current match year:
    e.g. if matched in the 2021 FM/ES, you’re no longer eligible for the 2021 R-1 Second Iteration;
  • R-1 First Iteration – you previously matched through CaRMS or NRMP:
    e.g. if matched in a previous year in Canada or the US, you’re no longer eligible for the first iteration of an R-1 match
  • Post-Match Process – you did not participate to a prior iteration of the same match:
    e.g. did not participate to either First or Second iteration of an R-1 cycle, therefore not eligible for R-1 Post-Match Process;
  • Post-Match Process – you were withdrawn, from the only iteration where you participated, of this match:
    e.g., if you withdrew/were withdrawn from the 2021 FM/ES, you would not be eligible for the 2021 FM/ES Post-Match Process.

If you do not fall under any of the reasons above and you believe you’ve receiving this message in error, email operations@carms.ca.


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