I am an FM program director or program administrator. How do I add the new Family Medicine Professional Choices Assessment as a required document in my program description?

In your CaRMS Online account, select PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS under the Set-Up menu. From the program list, select the program whose description you wish to modify. Place your mouse over the PENCIL icon and select EDIT.

On the left side of the page, navigate to ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS under the SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION section.

Select the Document Type called Family Medicine Professional Choices Assessment (FMProC) and the Status requirement must be Required. Update the description field if necessary. (Note: Applicants are expected to upload their own FMProC score document and assign it to the necessary programs themselves.

Once completed, click SAVE

Note: You will have to submit your program description for PGME approval for it to be posted on carms.ca for applicants to review.


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