Why is the CaRMS self-identification questionnaire being implemented?

In 2021, CaRMS has identified enabling EDI initiatives for our clients as a strategic priority, with two specific goals: 

  • Gather diversity data that can inform medical education on the current state and future progress regarding application, selection and matching through an EDI lens.
  • Support programs with a product that can help them introduce a diversity consideration to their selection process.

Before we can chart the path forward, we need to understand our starting point—that’s why we have introduced the CaRMS self-identification questionnaire (CSIQ).

In response to the first goal, we invite applicants to complete the (CSIQ) within their CaRMS Online account. It is entirely voluntary, but we hope applicants complete it—whether they identify as a member of an equity seeking group or not. All information is kept confidential and held securely by CaRMS.

In response to the second goal, residency programs who have explicitly highlighted equity, diversity and inclusion as selection goals may request for the (CSIQ) as an optional application document. If you apply to these programs, it is entirely your choice whether you want to provide the questionnaire as part of your application package.

This is your information, and you have complete control over who it will be shared with. Filling out the questionnaire to provide your information confidentially to CaRMS does not mean you are obligated to also share the information with any programs that request it. Your completed questionnaire will only be provided to a program if you assign it as part of your application to that program.

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