How can I complete the CaRMS self-identification questionnaire (CSIQ)?

All applicants currently participating in the R-1 Main Residency Match can log into their CaRMS Online account and complete the CaRMS Self-Identification questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire:

  1. Log into your CaRMS Online account and go to the MY DOCUMENTS section. 
  2. From the drop-down menu, select CaRMS SELF-IDENTIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE.
  3. Confirm the acknowledgement.Acknowledgement.png
  4. Complete the questionnaire and click SAVE when completed.
  5. Once you have clicked on SAVE, a copy of your completed questionnaire can be found within your   DOCUMENT TRACKING section for you to view.         

Filling out the questionnaire ONLY provides your information confidentially to CaRMS. Completing the questionnaire does not automatically send the document to programs. 

Your completed questionnaire can only be provided to a program that requests it as an optional document and is only provided if you assign it as part of your application to that program yourself.

You are not obligated to share the information with any programs that request it.


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