What match policy changes are occurring for this year’s match?

The AFMC Resident Match Committee (A-RMC) is comprised of Match stakeholders. The A-RMC is asked to assess, propose and implement policies that govern the match process.

The following include pandemic related policy changes: 

  • Match timeline changes
  • Virtual interviews for all 2023 matches
  • Visiting electives, including international electives, will be allowed starting in the Fall of 2022, for the Class of 2024, according to each school’s capacity and schedule.
  • Programs able to request only 3 reference documents (total)
  • Structured Reference Letters in the 2023 R-1 Match:
    • Orthopedic Surgery has been approved for use starting in this year's match. 
    • Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine have made updates to their previously approved structured reference letters to be included in the 2023 R-1 Match.

Consult the AFMC's website for further details here: https://www.afmc.ca/en/news-publications/learner-news



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