My program would like to include the CSIQ as an optional document for applicants to provide as part of their application, what do I have to do?

Path to implementation for the R-1 Main Residency Match:

1) Attending or watching a recording of an orientation session is a mandatory first step.

To access a copy of the presentation, click here
To access a recorded orientation session, click here

2) Connect with your PGME office to discuss local implementation strategy, appropriate training, framework for evaluating applicants through a diversity lens. 

  • Your postgraduate office will also be involved in the final decision, as the information being shared is personal and it was agreed that they have better insight as to whether the appropriate level of training and planning is in place to ensure review teams are ready to access this material.

3) Once agreement has been obtained, you will need to add the CSIQ to your program description.

  • Add document requirement to your program description under 'Additional Documents'
    • Document type : CaRMS self identification questionnaire
    • Status requirement : Optional - will be reviewed
    • Description: add information with regards to the document and how this information will used to promote diversity of the resident body, handled and stored within your program.
  • Create text for how the information will be used as part of the selection process for your program and enter it within the appropriate sections under 'Selection criteria'.
    • Program goals
    • Selection process goals
    • File review process (specifically under file component and criteria) 
      • Add CaRMS Self-Identification Questionnaire in 'Other file component(s)' and identify what you are evaluating within this component. 

4) Educate your review team about the form and the expectations for useage and maintaining confidentiality of the information




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