Why should I fill out the CaRMS-self identification questionnaire?

While you are not required to fill out this questionnaire, we hope you will fill it out—whether you identify as a member of a minority group or not.

The information collected by the CaRMS self-identification questionnaire will be used in two ways - to compile data in an aggregate, anonymized format and for programs to consider this information within their selection process to promote diversity of their resident body (only if you assign it as a part of your application).

1) The anonymized data will be used with the goal of gathering diversity data that can inform medical education on the current state and future progress regarding application, selection and matching through an EDI lens. Filling out this questionnaire provides us with important information on the state EDI within the medical community. 

2) The information shared when assigning this questionnaire will aid programs who have explicitly highlighted equity, diversity and inclusion as selection goals to promote diversity of their resident body.

With this in mind, filling out this questionnaire can only benefit you and the community. 



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