How can I be reassured that if I assign the CaRMS self-identification questionnaire to a program, that it will be advantageous as opposed to discriminatory?

In line with Best Practises in Application and Selections (BPAS) principles, universities are expected to demonstrate social responsibility and accountability in fulfilling a mandate to provide a balanced graduate pool of physicians.

The selection criteria and processes of programs who are requesting the CaRMS self-identification questionnaire as an optional document will be using the questionnaire to promote diversity of the resident body (e.g. race, gender,sexual orientation, religion, family status), be free of inappropriate bias, and respect the obligation to provide for reasonable accommodations needs, where appropriate.

If a program has required the questionnaire as an optional document, they have: 

  • Identified how the submission of the CSIQ will benefit the applicant and where in the process the benefit will be applied within their program description;
  • Provided appropriate training and instruction to review teams on how to handle the information provided in the CSIQ;
  • Developed the framework for evaluating your process, through diversity lens.


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