What are the different reference document types?

Reference documents includes applicant support forms ("formulaire d'appui"), letters of reference, referee assessment forms, letters of reference from program directors and Family Medicine (FM) program directors’ assessment forms.

The Applicant Support Form or Formulaire d'appui are a type of referee evaluation form consisting of check boxes for you to fill out and submit. The forms themselves are generally provided in the program descriptions. Applicants must fill out some of the information and are responsible for giving it to the referee directly, in order for you to then complete and submit the rest.

For the FM/ES match, to help applicants and referees, CaRMS has incorporated a form that is required to be filled online on the referee’s platform. You will simply have to fill out boxes and answer each question on the form. The form also includes a section where you can include a letter of recommendation. This form does not need any signature from you.

For information concerning letters of reference, visit the letters of reference guidelines on carms.ca


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