How do I submit a reference letter in CaRMS Online?

As a referee, you will need a CaRMS Online account. Once you are in the account, you may need to add the applicant's reference request if it is not already showing on your list.

To add a reference request, click on the "Add reference request to my list" button on the right. Enter the Request ID and CaRMS ID (they can be found in the email you received)


  1. Go to the edit_icon.jpgicon located on the right of the reference on your list;
  2. Choose from 2 available options:
    • "Upload" if you have a .pdf letter saved
    • "Create Online" if you wish to type it directly into the platform or, if you have a word document, you could copy/paste the text;
  3. Save the letter and/or click on "Submit".


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