How does the match violations process work?

Suspected violations must be reported to CaRMS in writing according to the reporting procedures outlined in the Match Violations Policy. CaRMS will acknowledge receipt within seven business days and begin the investigation process. In the course of the investigation, CaRMS will contact relevant individuals/institutions/organizations to collect information, documentation and facts pertaining to the suspected violation. Generally speaking, requests for anonymity on behalf of the individual reporting the suspected violation are only granted in exceptional circumstances.

Information collected through the investigation is used to prepare a preliminary report that is presented to the Violations Review Committee, which then reviews the report. Copies of this preliminary report may also be distributed to relevant parties on request. After reviewing all the relevant information, the Violations Review Committee issues a final report outlining their decision and, if applicable, any resulting sanctions.

Appeals of Violations Review Committee final reports can be made on the basis of discovery of new evidence and/or alleged serious misunderstandings of existing evidence. The appeals process is detailed in the Match Violations Policy.

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