How does the matching process work?

Our Match Algorithm works to match applicants with their best possible outcome where they have been ranked by the program.

Rank order lists (ROLs) are the sole determinants of match outcomes. CaRMS’ matching algorithm compares ROLs submitted by applicants and programs, matching applicants to programs based on both parties’ stated preferences.

The algorithm is applicant-proposing. This means it tries to match the applicant to his or her first choice. If the applicant cannot be matched to their first choice program, the algorithm attempts to place the applicant into the second choice program, and so on, until the applicant obtains a match, or all of the applicant’s choices have been exhausted.

Each applicant’s ROL is traversed downwards from most preferred program to least preferred, until the first program to which the applicant can be matched is reached, or until the applicant’s list of choices is exhausted. Each program accepts applicants upwards on its ROL, continually removing less preferred matches in favour of more preferred applicants, until the program is matched to the most preferred applicants who wish to be matched to the program.

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