How can an applicant get a MINC?

MINCs are issued by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) or a provincial/territorial medical regulatory authoritythe prime users of the MINC system.

The MCC provides you with a MINC number once your ID documents are reviewed and your exam application is approved. This process can take 3 weeks or longer, depending on when you send in your documents to the MCC. Please note that applying for an MCC examination is a requirement for the MCC to provide you with a MINC.

If you have written or you’re approved to write any MCC exam, your MINC can be found in your account.

If you’re a Canadian medical student or graduate and you did not receive a MINC during medical school, you will need to contact the Medical Council of Canada and apply for an examination.

Please note that applicants are not required to complete the Personal Information page of their CaRMS Online application (which has the MINC field) until program selection opens. Additionally, if applicants are in the process of getting a MINC and need to change their language of application, they can email CaRMS ( for assistance.

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