How do I make changes to my program description after it's been approved?

Once you update your program description and your PGME approves it and publishes it on, the process of updating your program description changes. To update your program description once it has been approved by your PGME:

  1. Contact your PGME and request that your program description be sent back to you for updates.
  2. Log into your CaRMS Online account, go under the Match menu and select PROGRAM DESCRIPTION.
  3. Move your cursor over the pencil icon in the Action column and click Edit
  4. Make the necessary changes to your description.
  5. SAVE your changes and SUBMIT your program description.
  6. Provide a brief summary of the changes made to the edited sections of your program description, in the pop-up window pictured below:UpdatedPDEN.png
  7. SUBMIT your program description for approval by your PGME.

Once your PGME approves your changes and publishes your program description, your description will be published on


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