How do I add additional documents to a PDF?

Some programs may require multiple documents to be added into a single document (PDF).

There are multiple ways to do this, you will find some examples below:  

Use a PDF editor to add the supporting documentation. Please note that the terminology can vary between PDF editors:

  1. Open the PDF that will be used as the base document using the PDF editor of your choice.
  2. Open the View panel and select Navigation Panes.
  3. Select the Page Thumbnails or Pages option.
  4. Use the Insert Page function and select the supporting document, or drag and drop the supporting document(s) into the Page Thumbnails (or Pages) pane.

Use a PDF merging tool:

  1. Open any PDF merging tool, such as Adobe Acrobats'. 
  2. Click the Select Files button or drag and drop your PDFs into the PDF merger.
  3. Re-order the files if necessary.
  4. Click on the Merge button when the PDFs you wish to combine have been added.
  5. Download the PDF

Note: these instructions may not work for every application or tool.





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