Can programs keep or save applicant files?

Faculties are only permitted to retain matched applicant files. Your faculty is not permitted to retain application materials for unmatched applicants, provided via CaRMS, outside of the match cycle in which they were provided, as per the services contract. Matched applicant files that are no longer needed for the purpose of their collection/retention and unmatched applicant files must be securely destroyed/disposed of following the applicable match cycle. Note that this does not include documents your faculty creates in the assessment/selection/decision making process, such as interview notes, scoring, etc., as these documents are created by the program/faculty and not provided or housed by CaRMS, you are able to retain these as per your faculties retention guidelines. 

CaRMS retains application information many years beyond the end a match cycle to ensure we have sufficient information to provide our services, respond to any issues that may arise at a later date, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. Access can be provided with consent or a court order. You can review our Privacy policy for more information.



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