How do I request a new document type be added to CaRMS Online?

Before requesting a new document type, please ensure the document does not already appear as one of the document types in the list of suggested documents in CaRMS Online.

If the document is not available, you can request a new document type by completing the following information:

  • Name of document / translation of name (if required)- should be as generic/general as possible
  • What is the expected source of the document?
  • What is this document used for?
  • Can applicants upload the document themselves?
  • Can applicants view the document?
  • Can applicants have multiples copies of the document?
  • What match is this to be used for?

Once you have answered these questions, we ask that you submit your request by email through your Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Office. Once approved by your PGME office, they must  send an email to with the new document type request.

Once the request is received at CaRMS, we will create the new document type for you within three (3) business days. 



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