How can a new structured reference letter be introduced into the R-1 Match?

If your program is interested in introducing a Structured Reference Letter in the R-1 Match, there are a few items to consider: 

  • A new structured reference letter is created by the discipline for the discipline and must be used nationally by all programs of that discipline if approved. 
  • Once approval is received, programs of that discipline cannot also request written reference letters. They are only able to request for their approved structured reference letter.


1. Create and agree on the questions to ask within the form with your discipline colleagues nationally.

2. E-mail to initiate a request to implement a structured reference letter in the R-1 match. 

3. CaRMS will guide your discipline in requesting the approval of your form with the AFMC.

4. If approved, CaRMS creates links for the new structured reference letter for the upcoming match year. These links are provided to referees by the applicants.

5. CaRMS modifies the type of letter required as well as the instructions within the program descriptions on

6. Once the match year is over, CaRMS will reach out to the discipline chair to identify if any modifications are necessary to the form for the following year. Modifications are made and sent to CaRMS.

7. CaRMS codes the structured reference letter to be inline, allowing referees to fill the form directly from their CaRMS Online account.

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