What is a structured reference letter?

A structured reference letter is a form/questionnaire that is specific to a discipline and is used nation wide. Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery each have their own structured reference letters.

Both the Family Medicine and the Emergency Medicine Structured Reference Letters are completed directly in CaRMS Online by reference providers, which means that once applicants pick these disciplines from the drop-down menu in their CaRMS Online account, it is automatically assigned to the correct form. 

Orthopedic Surgery has received approval for national usage but is still within it's trial year. This form is technically still considered an applicant support form within the programs requirements. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide a link to the forms within their request to their referee, same as they would for an applicant support form. These links are found in the program descriptions of all orthopedic surgery programs. 

Please review program descriptions to confirm a program's reference requirements.

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