How does the interview process work for applicants?

Programs are to use a function within their CaRMS Online that allows them select their interview dates. 

Once dates are selected, applicants will be able to see what dates their programs will hold interviews in real time.

Applicant will be notified by the program directly if you have been selected for an interview. CaRMS does not set up interviews – program office personnel arrange interviews directly with applicants.

During the interview, neither applicants nor program interviewers must ask the other to make a commitment as to how they intend to rank the other. Doing so is in direct violation of the CaRMS contract.

Invitations to interviews, as well as other notices from programs will likely come via email. You should make sure that your email account is set up to accept emails sent in bulk, as well as those from addresses that are not in your address book.

If you decide not to attend a scheduled interview, you should contact the program in advance to cancel the appointment.

For more information, please consult our interview guidelines.

Formal process for interview complaints

Please visit our match violations policy section for details.


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