What documents can and cannot be shared/transferred from physiciansapply.ca?

The documents we can transfer from your physiciansapply.ca account are:

  • Medical Council of Canada examination scores

  • Medical school transcript

  • Diploma – Only transfer this document from physiciansapply.ca if you don’t already have a Diploma in your CaRMS Online account’s Document Tracking section. Should you do so and your physiciansapply.ca account doesn’t have a Diploma image available, your previously existing Diploma may be removed from your CaRMS Online account. If you see the ‘X’ icon as your Diploma’s status in the Document Tracking section, you must upload a copy of it again using the pencil icon.

Citizenship documents cannot be transferred from physicians apply, only the Identity Validity Period when available.

*Note: results prior to 2008 cannot be sent via physiciansapply.ca. If you wrote an MCC exam prior to 2008, please email documents@carms.ca.


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