What is the Identity Validity Period?

When scheduling an MCC exam, your identity documents are reviewed and accepted by the MCC. These documents remain valid on your physiciansapply.ca account for a period of 5 years, which is your Identity Validity Period.

If available, the expiry date of your Identity Validity Period will be transferred to CaRMS to verify the Canadian citizenship/legal status in your CaRMS application.

Note: Your Identity Validity Period will only be shared if one of the following documents was reviewed and accepted by the MCC, and the IVP has not expired:

  • Canadian passport
  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Canadian Permanent Resident card
  • Canadian citizenship card

The MCC will not accept requests to renew your IVP unless the period has expired and the applicant is applying for a new service (e.g. examination; source verification of a document).

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