What are the different document statuses in my document tracking section?

There are several different statuses that can appear in the ‘Status’ column. Here are the different statuses explained:

  • Finalized: A status of “finalized” means that the entry for a letter of reference specifically, has been created on your file. At this point, you can either print the cover sheet or send the request to your referee electronically. The status will then change to “requested” once sent.
  • Requested: When you send the request to your referee electronically, the letter’s status on your Document Tracking page will change to “requested”

  • Submitted: Once a letter of reference is submitted electronically, its status on your Document Tracking page will change to “submitted”

  • Uploaded: A status of “uploaded” indicates that a document was either uploaded electronically by the CaRMS documents team or by the applicant (such as proof of citizenship, photo, CV, MSPR and transcript, etc.)

  • Scanned: When the documents team receives a paper document and it is scanned to your account the status will appear as “scanned”.

  • Created: When creating a personal letter and saving it onto your account, a status of “created” will appear in your document tracking section. NOTE: For all other documents, the status of “created” indicates the placeholder has been created but no document is available.


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