What is the citizenship/legal status verification?

Each year, all candidates applying in a CaRMS match must provide proof of valid current citizenship or permanent resident status. As of the 2021 R-1 match cycle, CaRMS is partnering with third-party organizations to automate the citizenship/legal status verification, which is usually completed by Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) offices.

Consequently, if an applicant has had their citizenship/legal status documentation verified by any of the following organizations for the current R-1 match, the applicant will not be required to assign a proof of citizenship/PR document (as pictured in the screenshot below).

  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC)
  • British Columbia's Clinical Assessment Program (BC-CAP)
  • Alberta International Medical Graduate Program (AIMG)

Once a third-party organization or PGME office has indicated that they've verified your citizenship/legal status, you will no longer be able to assign a proof of citizenship/PR document to programs. The document assignment tab for the citizenship document of your applications will be marked as completed with a green check-mark.

Furthermore, if your citizenship/legal status is verified by a third-party organization or PGME office in the first iteration of a match cycle and you went unmatched, you will not be expected to assign a proof of citizenship/PR document to programs in the second iteration of the same match cycle.

Screenshot of the document assignment tab where the citizenship/legal status has been verified:


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