How do I update my program description?

In your CaRMS Online account, you can modify your program description that will be published on for applicants to consult. Program directors and program administrators are assigned the task of revising their program descriptions for every match and then submitting their modified program descriptions through CaRMS Online for PGME approval. Once program descriptions are approved, they will be published on

  1. Under the Match menu (e.g. R-1 Main Residency Match), select Program Descriptions.
  2. Your list of available programs will be displayed. To update a program description, move your cursor over the pencil icon in the Action column and click Edit. pencil_edit_faculty_drop-down.jpg

Note: the program description’s status will be displayed at the top right of the description. Only program descriptions with a status of either Updates needed or Under revision are available for revision. If a program description has any other listed status, your PGME office will need to return it for revision before any content can be updated.

Before making any updates to your program description, review the existing version by clicking the program name at the top of the page.

  • Select any section of your program description by clicking on a section name in the SECTIONS menu on the left side of the page. Note: all sections of the program description should be reviewed and updated as needed.

Each page contains basic updating instructions and may also contain the following icons:

add_record_-_faculty.jpg allows the user to create a new record in that category

edit_-_faculty.jpg allows the user to update the selected record

delete_-_faculty.jpg allows the user to delete the selected record

 mceclip0.png allows the user to move a record up or down in a sequence

collapse.jpg/mceclip1.png allows the user to expand or collapse a record

  • You can copy information from another program description on your list into the description you are working on. To do so:
    • Select the section you want to update from the left-side menu.
    • Click Copy from another program on the top right of the section you are updating.

 Select the program from which you wish to copy content. The text will be copied over. Click SAVE.

 Note: if you copy content from another program description, all content in the current section will be overwritten and copied. 


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