How does the interview process work for programs?

Individual programs make all the decisions about who and when they interview. Program office personnel arrange interviews directly with applicants and it is entirely up to programs to decide who they want to invite for an interview. Programs are required to assign an interview status for all applicants that have applied to their program, which informs applicants if they should expect to receive an emailed interview offer from the program, or not. Since interview invitations will most likely be sent by email, applicants should make sure their inbox is set-up to receive bulk messages. The invitations themselves are not tracked or recorded in any way by CaRMS.

CaRMS works closely with programs to collect, verify and post interview dates in our centralized interview calendar. All interview dates posted in the match interview calendar have been verified directly with the programs and we make every effort to provide the most up to date information. CaRMS, in conjunction with the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Medical Education (UGME/PGME) standing committees of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), has developed guidelines to assist you in conducting applicant interviews. These guidelines are based upon the terms of the CaRMS contracts, CaRMS privacy policy, as well as applicable privacy and human rights legislation.


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