What does the interview offer status tool look like for programs? 

The Interview Offer Status tool can be accessed from the match menu under the column File Review. 

blobid0.pngOnce it’s selected, you will be brought to the program landing page where you will have a list of programs that you are either the designated program director or administrator.   

On this landing page, you can: 

  • Change how many programs are shown;  
  • Search for a program; 
  • View the number of applicants who are: Undecided, Selected, Not Selected, Waitlisted, and Not Conducting by program;  


To modify the Interview Offer Status for a program, select it from the list. On this new landing page, you will have a list of all applicants to the selected program with their CaRMS ID and a column to indicate their Interview Offer Status.  


  1. Return to the program list;  
  2. Modify the number of applicants you can view on the page;  
  3. Search for a specific applicant;  


  1. Shows the current applicant(s) who have an Interview Offer Status that will be modified;  
  2. Shows the current applicant(s) Interview Offer Status;  
  3. Legend which shows what each symbol means in the Interview Offer Status column; 
  4. Edit button to modify selected applicants on CaRMS Online directly; 
  5. Bulk Change to modify multiple applicants at the same time using a CSV file;  
  6. Save changes: save current modifications; 

There are two methods (Method 1; Method 2) that will allow you to modify the Interview Offer Status for either a single applicant, or multiple applicants.  

Method 1 – Edit button 

The first way is to modify the applicant using the list shown on the page. To make the modification, select the applicant(s) you wish to modify and then select Edit. 


A pop-up will appear that will allow you to select the Program Offer from a drop-down menu.   


From here, select the offer from the drop-down list and then click on Apply Changes. 

Once this is done, you will see the list has been changed to show that this applicant is being modified (1) and what the offer status is (2).  


Once you click on Save changes, your offer will be sent to the applicant immediately 

Method 2 – Bulk change button 

The second method of modifying the Interview Offer Status is to use the Bulk change button. This method uses a previously created, or newly downloaded CSV file to make the modification in bulk.  

To download a fresh copy of the CSV file, click on the Bulk change button on the bottom of the page. On the new pop-up window, click on the Download CSV button.


Once the file has finished downloading and you have opened it, you can modify the column named “interview_status” with one of the following status’: 

  • Selected 
  • Not selected 
  • Waitlisted 


Once you have done this, save the document and return to your CaRMS Online account. 

Note #1: You are not required to use the CSV file provided by selecting Download CSV. Programs can use an Excel file they have been already using for other stages of the review process. To use your own Excel file, two things must be done: 

  1. The Excel file must be saved as a CSV file prior to the upload;  
  2. The Excel file must contain the “CaRMS ID” and “interview status” columns;  

Note #2: If you are a program that has multiple sites, such as Family Medicine, a single CSV file can be used for all sites, even if the applicant pool is different for each site. Once you upload the CSV file for each site, you will be told who is being modified and who is not after validating the document.  

Now back to CaRMS Online, select the Bulk change button and a new pop-up will appear.  


Choose File (1) and select the CSV file from your computer. Once that is done, select Validate file (2).  


Once you’ve selected Validate file, you will be told which applicants will be modified (1) in your list. Select Apply changes and you will be returned to your list of applicants. 


The changes will now be reflected on the list of applicants.  


Once you click on Save changes, your offer will be sent to the applicants immediately 


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