How do I update interview offer statuses in CaRMS Online?

To update interview offer statuses for applicants who have applied to your program in CaRMS Online: 

  1. Log into your CaRMS Online account and select Interview Offer Status under your selected match;
  2. Click on the program(s) where you wish to update an interview status;
  3. Save your message to applicants that will be 'Selected for interview'.
  4. Click on the applicant you'd like to update then click on EDIT. You can select multiple applicants at once or make a bulk change to update more than one applicant at a time;
  5. Choose an interview offer status from the available options in the drop down; 
  7. Once you have clicked on SAVE CHANGES, you will receive a confirmation of the update you have just made. Click on CONFIRM.
  8. You will then receive a second confirmation that the records have been updated successfully. Click on CLOSE

The changes will now be visible within your program's list and the applicants will be notified of the updates to their interview offer status.


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