I am having issues making bulk interview status updates, what could be wrong?

1) CSV. (comma delimited) file

The file must be saved in CSV. format for it to be compatible with CaRMS Online. You can use any local excel file and follow the steps below to save as a CSV. 

  1. On the Excel toolbar, select File > Save As.
  2. In the dialog box, type a new name for the file in the File Name field. The name of the file is irrelevant, you can add any file name. 
  3. In the "Save as Type" drop-down menu, scroll down to locate and select CSV (comma delimited).

2) Headers

When you are making bulk updates, it is extremely important that the headers in the document are listed as follows: 

  • CaRMS ID
  • interview status

If you download the CVS file from CaRMS Online, the headers are automatically listed accurately. You will notice that there will be an extra header with the applicant name listed. This column is not necessary for the upload, but simply a way for you to be able to identify the applicant by name. 

3) Statuses

You are able to use any local excel file (saved as CSV.) that you may be using during your file review processes. CaRMS Online will be able to ingest the interview statuses so as long as the headers are listed accurately (above) and that the statuses that follow are either: 

  • Selected
  • Not selected
  • Waitlisted

There will be an error message if you have added any other status. 

4) Not conducting interview for this match/iteration

This option cannot be added within the bulk changes feature or individually. If you are not conducting interviews for this match or iteration, you must click the checkbox within the interview offer status home page and this status will be associated with all applicants that have applied to your program. 

5) Using an incompatible browser

Ensure you're using a supported web browser, per our CaRMS browser support policy. Additionally, our system is not compatible with mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. They may cause issues such as the "Validate" button not activating once you've uploaded the CSV file.


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