How do I add a new program to a match?

In the "Match Management - Set up - Programs" section, you will find a list of the programs currently available at your faculty. To view the programs, choose the applicable match from the “Match” dropdown. This section can also be used to update a program's accreditation status.

Request a new, accredited (or shortly to be accredited), program through CaRMS Online to:

  • add a new discipline to your school; you will be asked to provide program director and administrator information.
  • add a new location to your school.

Request a new, accredited (or shortly to be accredited), program by emailing CaRMS if you would like to:

  • add a new stream (e.g. IMG stream, a stream with return of service attached, MOTP/MMTP, etc.)

To request a new program through CaRMS Online:

  1. Click the REQUEST NEW PROGRAM button.
  2. Fill in the required fields and ensure the Program Director and Program Administrator information is accurate.
  3. Click CONTINUE.


  • To choose the Site, view the existing locations for your school from the dropdown and if the desired location is not currently existing, select “(New site)”.
  • In the “Special instructions”, you can include further information to help clarify your request.
  1. Carefully review the information entered.
  2. Click CONFIRM to finalize.

The requested program will now appear in your list of programs, with a program status of "Activation pending".

Once the program is created, you will receive confirmation from CaRMS. If applicable, the new users will be sent a notification.

If you need to update something in your new program request, including the program director/administrator information for this program, before the program is created (program status ‘Activation pending’), click the pencil icon in the Action column.


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